“Being able to talk about sports helps
me connect to my colleagues and clients”

Karen Whitley, ShareholderKaren Whitley, Shareholder

What attracted you to WOW Women? Why did you choose to be a Super Connector?

I have attended events in the past and Nettie brings together an impressive, diverse group of women who have a similar goal of creating meaningful connections.

How do you ignite relationships and build connections, at work, with peers, others?

I am constantly asking my colleagues for names of women that we should invite to Boston Club events, which is a good way for me to enlarge my network, and also helps my colleagues connect with their female clients.

In what ways do you help or promote networking and connecting at work?

I serve as a mentor to the only female associate in our office.Being able to talk about sports helps me connect to my colleagues and clients (due to watching an inordinate amount of sports with my boys).

What is one piece of advice you would provide our network around building connections?

Follow through!  During conversations at networking events, think about whom you can introduce the person to, and then do it.

What are you most passionate about?

From a work perspective, providing thoughtful, strategic advice to help HR professionals and company leadership navigate sensitive employee situations and comply with tricky employment laws.

Mountains, beach, or city? Why?

Beach. I find peace watching the waves, the changeable ocean, and the stunning colors of the sun on the sea.


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